Monday, July 19, 2010

Running from my life

Feels like going on a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific.
Doesn't really want to have to choose between what universities to attend and if so in what order, in fact doesn't really want any universities.
Doesn't really want to get a job in order to have money in order to buy needed stuff in order to ultimately exist.
Simply needs a lonely island with sand and sun and water. She doesn't ask for much, will just get high on coconut milk and eat sand.
Just desperately needs to let her thoughts run free and not have to cohabit in the same box with them.
Needs Silence.


o Hartista said...

I wouldn't call it running from your life, just having a different type of life. I mean, who says life has to be about university and a career and living in the big city... maybe life is about living on a sandy shore...

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